Interactive Estimated Ridership Stats
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This tool will allow you to view Monthly Ridership stats, Line Level trends, and Historical information. Click on the Details buttons in each section to view the individual Line stats (for example Red Line, Expo Line, and Gold Line in Rail). Please note that Ridership Data is available approximately 15 days after the end of the prior month.

Estimated ridership for special events such as, CicLAvia, performances, and sporting events are not reflected in the monthly estimates.

*N/A - Data Not Available

Systemwide (Bus and Rail)
MAR 2023MAR 2022MAR 2021
Average Weekday Boardings819,927785,104569,407
Average Saturday Boardings598,154560,437465,354
Average Sunday and Holiday Boardings487,796461,749373,124
Total Boardings23,202,12122,146,13616,450,273

Bus Ridership Estimates
Bus (Directly Operated and Purchased Transportation)
MAR 2023MAR 2022MAR 2021
Average Weekday Boardings642,468593,279447,667
Average Saturday Boardings461,129414,539369,008
Average Sunday and Holiday Boardings373,242333,367295,825
Total Boardings18,114,24816,637,04112,955,673

Directly Operated
MAR 2023MAR 2022MAR 2021
Average Weekday Boardings613,500563,729428,529
Average Saturday Boardings440,971394,356352,976
Average Sunday and Holiday Boardings356,709316,698282,189
Total Boardings17,301,22015,809,98312,396,827

Purchased Transportation
MAR 2023MAR 2022MAR 2021
Average Weekday Boardings28,96829,55019,138
Average Saturday Boardings20,15820,18316,032
Average Sunday and Holiday Boardings16,53316,66913,636
Total Boardings813,028827,058558,846

Rail Ridership Estimates
MAR 2023MAR 2022MAR 2021
Average Weekday Boardings177,459191,825121,740
Average Saturday Boardings137,025145,89896,346
Average Sunday and Holiday Boardings114,554128,38277,299
Total Boardings5,087,8735,509,0953,494,600
11/2/19--Blue Line fully re-opened end-to-end. Preliminary testing APC estimates

Red/Purple (B/D) Line
MAR 2023MAR 2022MAR 2021
Average Weekday Boardings81,16285,95955,296
Average Saturday Boardings68,58971,38739,993
Average Sunday and Holiday Boardings57,69466,48832,823
Total Boardings2,371,8582,528,5571,563,072

Blue (A) Line
MAR 2023MAR 2022MAR 2021
Average Weekday Boardings31,75235,76524,143
Average Saturday Boardings22,09522,64419,940
Average Sunday and Holiday Boardings18,76119,33814,885
Total Boardings893,720990,523694,589

Expo (E) Line
MAR 2023MAR 2022MAR 2021
Average Weekday Boardings28,17433,49018,521
Average Saturday Boardings19,88424,15016,881
Average Sunday and Holiday Boardings15,94120,52613,751
Total Boardings791,302948,974548,511

Green (C) Line
MAR 2023MAR 2022MAR 2021
Average Weekday Boardings16,83316,98011,697
Average Saturday Boardings11,69510,5168,269
Average Sunday and Holiday Boardings9,2358,7796,834
Total Boardings470,879467,720329,443

Gold (L) Line
MAR 2023MAR 2022MAR 2021
Average Weekday Boardings17,48819,63112,083
Average Saturday Boardings13,07117,20111,263
Average Sunday and Holiday Boardings11,45413,2519,006
Total Boardings500,324573,321358,985

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